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a passionate and dedicated artist,back in Seattle to promote new hip hop album after performing for 25 years in Hong Kong and Asia. Born in Oxford, England. started playing trumpet at age 6; lead first band at age 12 in Klamath Falls, turned pro at age 15 touring Boise and Las Vegas with RnB band "The Moving Company" in 1973. in High School won two national awards: The Arion Award and The Senior Bandmaster Award. served in U.S. Army paratroopers for seven years. attendedTacoma Community College for two years, jazz studies in Seattle with teachers and mentors: Mike Jaap, Tom Hopkins, Chuck Metcalf, Buddy Catlett, Brian Nova,Marc Seales, and Allen Youngblood. first jazz band was the "Mark Henderson-Reggie Goings Quintet" in Seattle, 1988.

...was in the "C.C.Ryders", the first RnB band in history to play in China in 1989..studied rap in Bangkok in 1992. was the first musician to rap and play with DJs in Hong Kong and Taiwan in 1995. studied jazz composition in Hong Kong in 1997, wrote Jazz Father(ballad) in 1999. wrote Gladiatorial Jazz compositions in in 2001. from 1993-2012 produced and directed live bands in Hong Kong, Macau and Shanghai: Afrocuba, Afro Soul, The Conga Lounge, Free Your Mind, Brother's Keeper I & II, Evolution, Revolution, Ladybird & The Diamonds, The Heat, Body Heat, V-Train, Mark Henderson Quintet and many more.

.. actor in Hong Kong movies:Naked Weapon & Dragon Squad in 2004-5. performed Gladiatorial Jazz by MHQ live in Hong Kong in 2007.

...was torn between producing a Chinese wedding band and writing a CD in 2012...Jazz Father was born. 2014 writing and recording of Jazz Father CD finished.

...has worked with: The Platters, The Temptations, Martha Reeves, Mary Wilson & The Supremes, Barry Gibb & The Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra, Bobby Kendricks, The Drifters, Jeffrey Smith, C.C.Ryders, and DJ Gruv.

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